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An Open Letter to my Children’s Bus Driver

Today was an unusual day. The kids were due home at 4:15, and by 5:00 they still had not arrived back from school. I was worried. I attempted to call the kids’ school, but got an automated messaged offering to leave a message since it was after business hours. (That is another story for a later blog…)

As I was looking for the number for the bus company, the kids got home (5:06) and were complaining about why they were late. The bus driver had pulled over and called the school police because the kids were misbehaving. They promised it wasn’t them (and I believe them). The children were reprimanded and once they were seated and quiet, the driver finished her route.

I was initially irritated and planned to call the school to complain in the morning. But, then, my daughter handed me a sealed envelope addressed to “parents”.

It was a letter from the bus driver.

Dear Knyondra,

I am the parent of 2 children on your bus. I know the kids are going to give you a hard time, and you are going to probably get some bad feedback from a few parents due to today’s late delivery of the children. But, I want you to know that I appreciate what you are doing for my children. There is absolutely nothing on this letter to contest, you are making the rules loud and clear, and are not being unreasonable by sharing this letter. Your addition was very well thought out, and I feel that your intentions are good. It is relieving to know that someone cares enough about the children on the bus to put forth the effort and commitment to their safety. If my child ever becomes the culprit, please contact me personally. But, you just keep on doing your job ethically, and if my kids are late, its better late than never. I wish more bus drivers took this kind of pride in their job, rather than plugging their ears and ignoring the kids to keep their schedule.

Thank you,


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