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Beyond Social Media, Validating the Self

In a world full of likes, instant postings, and selfies, it has become ever challenging to identify the true self.  Personal talents and skills are lost because there is a constant need for others to determine our true worth.  Material worth is accumulated; judgments are passed;  and boundary lines are constantly drawn to identify a perpetual validation of worth.

There is a perpetual void that demands to be filled, crying out in the darkness, waking us from our dreams, pushing us further into the world of “likes”; partnering with despair when no one notices or we are not chosen.  Despair deepens the void, pushing us further into the world of “likes”; challenging us with the dramatic or more riskier behaviors.  Anger festers.

Perhaps, the challenge is to determine our own worth; to validate our own skills; our own relationship with self and with others; and to determine that the void is not a negative, but a creative space of accomplished dreams, goals, and untraveled pathways.  Perhaps, the ability to be comfortable with silence, removing ourselves from the world of “likes” strengthens us to truly achieve what it is we long for most. It is difficult to hear what is negative about yourself and accept them as points of change.  They are growth spots, everyone has them.  Only by acknowledging our personal reasons for validation can we begin to relinquish the stranglehold of “likes” and begin to develop a relationship of purpose within that space.  Growth is a process of awareness, letting go, and transformation.   The space within is not filed by others, but only by our own hands.

– Michele

Michele Dubel is a Wellness Educator and author; certified Arthritis Foundation exercise and self-help trainer with nearly two decades of experience as a geriatric and stress management specialist. She is has a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership, Geneva College; a Master’s in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health; and a bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Slippery Rock University.

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