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Birthdays after childhood

Hey all, today 36 years ago I entered this world. Kicking, screaming and pissed off according to my mom. I am not sure how I feel about turning 36. Physically I feel much older, with this resent rainfall. Spiritually, I am in a good place. Mentally, well lets just say I am wiser, more alert and much more open to the world.

2nd Christmas 1980

Birthdays are weird when you get older. Do you have a party? Go to dinner? Act like just another day? Personally, I just want to have dinner out with friends & family and laugh out loud. That kind of belly laugh that only people close to you can bring out of you. You know who I am talking about? I also, love birthday wishes. When someone takes time out of their day to say they are glad you were born, my heart is full.

1 month old

We as a society are conditioned to be lazy. Most people don’t even remember birthdays until Facebook reminds you. I am guilty of this too. But I do try to at least message or call a person. If I have a minute even get flowers for them.

January 22, 1980

Think about how special you felt when you got a card or flowers or even a balloon. Now remember that the next time a close friend or family member has a birthday. You will brighten their day! We all could use a little sunshine in our life.

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