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#BurghBaby Diaper Drive

Being a parent is Hard Work. The sleepless nights and constant worrying is enough to make a person go nuts. Oh don’t forget the expense. Diapers, formula, bottles, clothes, college fund ………………. Just one thing after another. WOW! With prices going up and up it is no wonder why parents are struggling.

I was fortunate. Every person that came to my baby shower gave me a pack of diapers. We were able to get to almost 4 months without buying diapers. But when times were tough great organizations were there to help. A true life saver.

Steel City Mom is proud to team up with The Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and Diary of a First Time Mom for #BurghBaby Diaper Drive.

Check out these facts:

  1. Disposable diapers cost up to $100 per month per baby, and diapers cannot be purchased through any government assistance program.

  2. One out of 3 families struggle to buy diapers.

  3. Infants require up to 12 diapers per day, toddlers about eight.

  4. Babies who remain too long in a soiled diaper are exposed to potential health risks.

  5. Most childcare centers, even free and subsidized facilities require parents to provide a day’s supply of disposable diapers.

  6. Cloth diapers are not accepted at the vast majority of child care centers.

Heartbreaking isn’t it? I encourage you all to open your heart and give. How do I do that you ask? Its so easy. You can drop off a pack of diapers at any of these locations:

Smithfield United Church of Christ, 620 Smithfield St., Downtown

Shiloh Community Missionary Baptist Church – ETBNA, 6940 Frankstown Ave., Homewood

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 600 Pitt Street, Wilkinsburg

Can’t make it to any of these places?

Please click here: Donation Page

For more information about the sponsors:

Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank http://www.westernpennsylvaniadiaperbank.org/diaper-drives/burgh-baby-diaper-drive/

The National Diaper Bank Network http://nationaldiaperbanknetwork.org/diapergap.html

Diary of a First Time Mom http://www.diaryofafirsttimemom.com/2015/02/08/get-behind-burgh-baby-diaper-drive/

If you’re interested in collecting diapers (or the funds to purchase them) at your workplace or church, email Heather Hopson at dearmomdiary@gmail.com for more information. All sizes are being collected. The highest demand is larger sizes (3, 4, 5).

So please give what you can. Help a fellow mom or dad.


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