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Comcast Xfinity Got Your Back #XfinityMoms

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. Although I received some form of compensation and this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. #XfinityMoms

Comcast really knows how to make you feel welcome!

Last week, I got to attend an amazing event hosted by Comcast at the McCandless Crossing Xfinity store. I got to rub elbows with successful bloggers and meet some big wigs at Comcast. Although, I felt like curling up in a ball and going to bed, I knew this was going to be so worth it. Let me just say it was so much more then expected. Here is what I learned.

As a “working mom” (I kinda hate that term. I mean don’t we all work?) life has been very busy, messy, exhausting and rewarding all wrapped up into a cute little 4 year old that melts my heart. We are constantly moving from one thing to another. There is always something on the “to do” list. If you can relate can I get a AMEN! Well what if I told you there is a way to manage your life with something you probably already have? Would you believe me?

Comcast Xfinity to the RESCUE!

Xfinity X1 Xfinity Home Xfinity Mobile Apps

These 3 things will save your life. They are a must for every family who want to live their lives without missing anything. I know what you are thinking. Allow me to explain.

“Parental controls on steroids” Greg Wells

1. Xfinity X1 platform is an Entertainment Operating System that gives Xfinity TV customers an interactive TV experience. You can easily find and watch shows and movies in seconds from TV listings, DVR recordings, personal favorites and Xfinity On Demand.


  1. An Xfinity Remote with Voice Control – you can talk to the remote and it will do what you ask. Yes you read that right. It’s very cool. All you have to do is ask and you will receive.

  2. Specially tailored-for-TV apps – bring Facebook, Twitter or even Pandora playlists to your TV. You can also view those pictures that you haven’t looked at since Christmas up on the big screen.

  3. Common Sense Media –  ratings and reviews so you can make an educated decision on what shows to watch with the little ones.

  4. Kids Zone – a neat little place that you can set up for your kids. You pick and choose what they are allowed to watch. For all you Alpha Moms like me this ROCKS!

  5. X1 DVR with cloud technology – record what you want on the TV but watch it on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can also watch LIVE TV too. No way!

“Mom’s always watching.” – Johnyne Hoyes

2. Xfinity Home is Comcast’s home security, control and energy management platform that allows customers to stay connected to the home while on-the-go through the use of a, interactive Web portal, mobile devices and the free Xfinity Home app.


  1. 24/7 professional monitoring that can be armed and disarmed remotely

  2. There are 3 ways to access the home security and automation system.

  3. touch screen console or X1

  4. on the go through a Web-based portal

  5. Xfinity Home app on a mobile device

  6. 24/7 video recording with up to 10 days of past footage

  7. Live video recording which allow you to see what’s going on in and outside your home

  8. Control the lights and thermostat remotely

  9. Set up notifications to let you know when a door is opened

“Get all the hotspots out there.” – Zac Gault

3. Xfinity Mobile Apps – Comcast offers its customers eight FREE downloadable apps so you can get the most popular entertainment and communications services while on the go no matter where you are.


  1. Xfinity TV – cloud DVR and live-in home streaming on mobile devices

  2. Stream their X1 DVR recordings at home or on the go

  3. Download X1 DVR recordings directly to mobile devices and take them with you

  4. View the guide and schedule X1 DVRE recordings

  5. Plus, while at home, X1 customers can stream virtually the entire channel lineup from iOS or Android devices inside the house

  6. Xfinity TV Go –  customers even those without X1 DVR can watch thousands of Xfinity On Demand TV series, popular movies, as well as live stream more than 100 channels or download some to watch on you mobile devices offline.

  7. Xfinity TV Remote and X1 Remote – control your TV with other devices

  8. Xfinity Home – manage and monitor your home security remotely

  9. Xfinisty Share – All customers can live stream and send photos or videos to a TV. Also, use the app to send or receive live streams, photos and videos to a TV

  10. Xfinity WiFi – a map of Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots in you area

  11. Xfinity Connect – access to Comcast.net email, call logs, call forwarding, Universal Address Book and complimentary Voice2go access

I have been a Comcast Customer for over 13 years and I love it! But I had no idea all the cool functions and features that they have to offer. We currently have the Cable, Phone and Internet package but after hearing all the awesomeness of Xfinity Home we might be adding that into our house. I did have a few reservations about the security and was told by Greg Wells not to worry. They have the top of the line IT department and take my peace of mind very seriously. That makes me feel so much better. Its not everyday a big company can give you their word and you actually believe it.

Thank you to Dana Vento for including me in this awesome opportunity. Also, thank you to Greg Wells, Johnyne Hoyes, Zac Gault and all the other customer services member for taking the time to present and explain all the great things Comcast has to offer.

Excuse me while I go play with my X1 remote to find what else I didn’t know about. If you don’t have Comcast I highly recommend you get to one of the convenient locations and sign up. If you do have it, I would suggest you play with the features and learn all you can. For more information about this awesome company click: http://corporate.comcast.com/news-information

– Carol

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