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Cliff is BACK! Here is what he has to say on the subject of Education…………… Please give him feedback.

When was the last time you looked at your child’s homework? Did it make sense to you? Were you able to help him/her with it?

Did you feel like a dumbass when the teacher marked the answers wrong?


Since I was in school and paid attention to the drivel that was being spewed at me (thank you Pittsburgh Public Schools) the way teachers actually teach our kids has changed multiple times. As such I now feel like a total dumbass when I am asked to help with homework.

Forty years ago we sat in reading class and learned phonetics and etymology. In math we learned to recite the multiplication tables and know them by rote and then apply them in real world situations. By the time sixth grade came around we knew that twelve times twelve was one hundred and forty four and we could explain the math behind it.

When my children were in elementary school I taught my children how to read phonetically and they began to succeed when they were failing before. If they had questions about an unknown word I taught them to break the word structure down and try to flesh it out by using etymology and then the dictionary. Then came the day that I thought was going to be great, the parent teacher conference, I was prepared for the great things that the teacher would say about my kids and how well they were reading. Oh it was going to be great!

I was told that while they were reading at or above their level (my daughter was reading a full grade level ahead after only a few weeks) I was told to stop, just stop. The reason? It was disrupting the class. Why? Because they don’t use those methods any more. The teacher tried to explain the new method and I tried to tell her to eat crap on toast and the conversation ended with her reinforcing her edict of, stop.

I am NOT a stupid or uneducated person. I taught myself many skills including computer programming and hardware diagnostics. I am a smart individual but…

I have tried to learn the new education or what passes as such in today’s school system. I have even Googled several terms and researched the methodology behind the curriculum being taught today and I have figured some of it out, kudos for me. I don’t have a ton of time to do this for every class my granddaughter will be taking let alone my nieces or nephews, but I do want to be able to help when I can.

Imagine a father or mother who dropped out of school and has not had the opportunity or drive to keep learning and think about how they feel or what they would do.

Fail. Here is the crux of our educational nightmare that we see in our schools today. Education equals failure because of the uneven and irrational problem of uneducated parents and grandparents. Its not their fault entirely. My kids would come home with packets of paper explaining what was going on in class and the teachers would expect us to read it and learn it. Are you kidding me? I have dinner to make and a full work week ahead and you expect me to go through papers that may have been written in Greek for all the sense they make. Huh?

If the you want to fix the problems in our schools, educate the parents, give them online access to the same curriculum being taught to their kids in the classroom. Give them access to videos and teaching aids to update their own skills so they can reinforce the teachers, and give it to them for free. A video repository and lesson plan can be hosted and actively monitored by teachers and administrators for less than PPS spends on ten students in one year (one PPS student equals about $24000.00, you can do it) and the repository can and should be updated as needed and updating should be required by every teacher every semester.

Who cares if the kids themselves use this system as well? If a kid gets stuck on something they can look it up online and stop bugging mom and dad who didn’t have time to look at it themselves. Another plus for this scenario is that if a kid is sick or unable to be in class they would still have access to the materials and be able to do the work and not fall behind.

Oh, wait there may be conflicts about this with the union, after all if the knowledge and classroom materials were freely distributed and some of the kids were to get ahead it would cause problems with the teachers plans in the classroom.


The United States is the only country in the modern world that would have a problem like this, just saying.

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– is a father of three and grandfather of one. Conservative libertarian and all around nice guy, most of the time. 

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