• Carol A. Gerner

Excuse me, but can you please get your conversation out of the potty!

Potty training is the “Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread” apparently. Everyone wants to talk about it. For some reason it is everyone’s business to know what is going on in my sons pants. From the day he was born almost 3 years ago EVERYBODY asks about his bodily functions.

The questions go like this…..

1. What is his name?

2. How old is he?

3. Is he potty trained?

Really? Why is it such a big deal for people? I get that people don’t know what to say sometimes but why does it have to be such a big debate? It’s like you are a bad mom because your child doesn’t use the potty at 9 months old. People give me the rudest looks and comments. It’s hard enough trying to raise a child in this day and age without all the extra pressure. I used to laugh at parents when they would get so defensive about their children. Now I know why. People are rude and obnoxious!

In our house, we let him decide when he was ready. After all it is his body right? He would see the hubby using the bathroom (because after you have a child you DO NOT use the bathroom alone!) and say, “I pee like daddy”, stand next to him and pretend to pee. It was so damn cute. We bought a little potty and he used it sometimes.

We asked our pediatrician and she said: Three things need to happen….

1. He has to OLD enough to control it

2. He has to KNOW when he feels the urge

3. He has to WANT to

So no matter how many baby books you read or how hard you try if those three things are not in line, you are fighting a losing battle. You may be able to potty train your toddler at age 1 or 4, but please don’t look down on other parents if their child is not. It really is not your business or problem. We are supposed to be looking out for each other not putting each other down. Have a great day!

– Carol

Carol is a hard working Pittsburgh Born wife and mom who is happily married with one son. She is a blogger, foodie, crafter, and most important a giver. She loves to help others in any way she can.

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