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About 2 weeks ago I read an article titled “The Facebook Version Versus The Real Life Version” from Scary Mom (http://www.scarymommy.com). I love Scary Mom! But for some reason this struck a cord with me. It got me thinking, “Do I do that?” Have I made someone feel sad or left out in any way? When Yinz Know Better Yinz Do Better…………. Right?

Look I understand that Facebook has been called “Fakebook” and people like to just post the Good. They brag about their lives and some people get upset and they turn it into a competition. I get that. I really do. I got sucked into that. It is hard to see other people happy and enjoying life when you are sick or down in the dumps. Also, there are posers that make their lives look so great and put together when really they are a hot mess.

BUT….. some of us like to post the Good, Bad and the UGLY! I will admit that if you look at my pictures, you will be bombarded with happy pictures of our family adventures. Mostly a smiling toddler and a few family selfies. I do try to post a variety of pictures from our day. Usually, it is whatever the damn IPHONE captured that is in focus and well lit. lol


🙂 These 2 pictures sums up my world. We are at Sorgels Farm in Wexford.

Here are some other pictures that I captured.

The picture on the left is his, ” I am tired but don’t want to stop playing face.” The one on the right is after he scrapped his back while trying to get out of the tunnel. Kid is just too damn tall. 🙂

That is what my pictures show but if you actually read some on my statuses, you will see that I don’t hold back and I keep it real.

Here are just a few from recent days: Enjoy.

“Life sucks…… no let me rephrase that….. LIFE BLOWS SOMETIMES!!!! But God is Good and he made me Strong and Resourceful. Let’s Git R Done! —

“At 1:53pm today I came into this world kicking and screaming. Still screaming and with help from BioFreeze I am still kicking! — feeling loved.”

“Losing to a toddler in a game of matching is kind of sad and a proud moment all rolled into one. — feeling amused.”

As you can see I don’t hold back. I let it all hang out. I share too much sometimes but hey I am open book. MY thinking is if I can help someone by telling my story then why not? Really, what’s the point in living if you can’t help your fellow man or make fun of yourself? Life is too damn serious time to lighten up!

So lets get to the real reason for Facebook. To me, it is a digital scrapbook that you can share with family and friends. I have some family that I still talk too (that’s another post) that live out of town. I want to share my son’s life and keep them in the loop. Also, its a way to keep pictures organized. I make folders for each month to keep those pictures in order.

My last point is…. with all this negativity, war, poverty and human suffering, why not share with the world the blessings we all have? If a ISIS terrorist can post a beheading of a US citizen, I CAN POST A DAMN PICTURE OF MY LAUGHING TODDLER. Every. Day. Period. And if you don’t like it there is a little button near the top of my page that says…. Unlike 🙂

So I say Share! Enjoy life and lighten up!

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