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Guest Post: THAT Mom!

I’m THAT Mom, the Mom who puts herself last. When you put yourself last so much, your family starts to think it’s supposed to always be that way.

I’m THAT Mom, lying here with zero energy, with the same clothing I put on at 6 am, and went off to work. My hair looks wet. Not to be mistaken with clean. I believe dry shampoo has a 2 day max out period. Eye makeup is 90 percent gone, what’s left is under my eye, not to be confused with dark circles from lack of sleep.

I’m TH…AT Mom, who is really thinking a vacation alone would be ideal. Although, I say that and I would cry to come home by day 2 or 3. Maybe, I wouldn’t know, it’s been that long. I want to be left alone. No kids, no man, no job, no cooking, no cleaning. Yet some piece of me feels like a bad parent for saying that! I’m THAT Mom who voice goes up an octave more with every passing weekday, when I reprimand the kids. My attitude gets worse. Yes, it’s only Tuesday. The downstairs game room becomes more popular later in the week.  Fine with me.

“Time for bed.” “Mom, I’m thirsty.” “Get some water and go to bed.” “Mom, my tooth hurts.” “We’ll deal with it tomorrow, GO TO BED!” “Mom!” “DAMN IT, just go to bed!” Yep, I’m THAT Mom. You think they go to bed thinking I don’t care at all about them? I doubt it.

I don’t want/need sympathy. Just tell me I’m NOT the only one who is THAT Mom.

  1. Nicole

Nicole (32)  is a sarcastic, ill humored Mother of two who lives in Kennedy Township. She is a great mom, wife, friend and entertainer to all who meet her.

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