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Hallmark Holiday

I’m not sure when this will be posted so happy Father’s Day to the world out there or belated as the case may be.

Father’s Day is another “Hallmark Holiday” that grates on my nerves just like Grandparents Day or Valentine’s Day and the reason for this is simply this: if your parents are still alive or you are truly in love then EVERY day should reflect that.

If you are a daughter, son or a “grand” of either type then, in some way, every day of your life should reflect how you were raised and loved. Every choice and decision that you make should reflect the values and wisdom that your parents worked their butts off to instill in you.

The single day remembrances are nice and specific to certain aspects of the job but a well-rounded approach to life is really what every parent wants to see.

All three of my kids are grown and out of the house now and I can say without a doubt that all three make me proud at least most of the time. Our oldest just left the house this past year and is engaged and taking control of his life now with strength I envy some days. He faced many personal setbacks and came out stronger than ever. I have no idea where he is got his financial values and skills but there it is.

Our daughter is married with one child and has faced economic hardships that would cause most twenty-six year olds to come flying back to the nest crying and sobbing. Despite all the “two steps forward, one step back” or even three steps back at times they persevere and eventually overcome or adapt. Her husband works hard and long days but they still find time for family. They are almost owners of their own home and our granddaughter is sharp, healthy and beautiful.

The youngest has left not only the house but the state, living almost a thousand miles away. This is the hardest because he and his lovely wife have just given us our second granddaughter (I wonder if I’ll ever be able to type grandson). They just bought their own house and the father/grandfather in me wants to help and “do” so much for them but a thousand miles is hard to cover when something just comes up. It’s also pretty hard to cuddle with a baby; Skype is cool but not a great cuddle.

For these reasons and so much more every day is Father’s Day to me. Their goals they overcome, with or without my help make every day a day to celebrate and rejoice.

Every piece of advice or dollar spent that keeps them happy, stable and on their own is a solid and continuing investment in the ideals and values I smashed into their brains and hearts when they were growing up. Watching them grow into who they are and seeing the successes and failures are what being a Dad is.

It’s nerve-wracking and painful at times and many nights it takes an extra hour or so to turn the worry off and get to sleep. This is even truer now than when a certain someone developed an infection in her ear and we thought she could go blind from the spread. Or when someone climbed a fence and fell, dislocating a shoulder or when the other split his forehead open jumping off of furniture.

The older they get the bigger the mistakes that they can make but I have faith and proof that the lessons I taught and the effort of these past twenty nine years was a good and effective endeavor.

That’s all a father can ask for.


– is a father of three and grandfather of 2. Conservative libertarian and all around nice guy, most of the time.

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