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Happy Anniversary Jeremiah!

On this day May 14, 2005 I changed my last name. Now some women dream of this day and plan it their whole lives. I was not born with that gene. Lol.


We have known each other for over 10 years, since chemistry class in high school. He was the really tall guy who everyone knew, he was a grade ahead of me and had bright blue eyes.  He was the kid who would run up behind to scare the crap out of you. Or the one who ran buck naked during half time of the powder puff game. Yes he did! I didn’t really know him until the passing of his little brother. He cameto school with tears in his eyes and just sat there staring into space. Of course, me being nebby I asked him what was wrong. We spent 30 minutes just talking and crying. I never met his brother but he was the reason Jerry and I became friends. Also, the name we used for our son. Figured it was logical to name him after his angel uncle. Everything happens for a reason right?



We remained friends throughout high school and saw each other every few years after. We were dating different people but somehow we found each other. Life went on until April 2004. I was engaged to be married to my boyfriend who I had been dating for 7 years. One day while sitting on my porch I saw this yellow truck drive by. It had one of those deep freezers in the bed. You know the one that drives around and sells meat? Nothing out of the ordinary. While it was passing my apartment it came to a screeching halt, and proceeded to shift into reverse. WTF! Low and behold it was Jerry driving. He looked good. The skinny kid from high school had a beard and gained a few pounds. He had tattoos, a six pack, muscular arms, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. HI THERE COWBOY! <3

He jumped out of the truck and gave me a hug. The kind you give when you haven’t seen someone for a long time. You know, that tight, warm and exhale kind of hug. But this time it wasn’t a friend hug it was different. Something has changed, all of a sudden he looked different to me. No longer that goofy kid from high school, he was a man. We began to hang out a few nights a week. My boyfriend, Jerry and I would reminisce about good old times over a few drinks. One night while my boyfriend was working late I asked Jerry that question that was innocent in my mind but apparently old news to everyone who knew Jerry. I asked, “did you ever like me when we were in high school? You know more then friends?” He looked at me with those big blues and said, and I quote…. “DUH!” “I have liked you since I met you.” Apparently, he had a crush on me and I had no clue. He was a friend who was fun and goofy. I was a tomboy and hung out with the guys. I was clueless. A few months later, when I spoke to his mother on the phone she told me how much he talked about me and wanted to be with me. I seriously had no idea.


As you can imagine, my relationship with the boyfriend went south and I left him. Jerry was such a home recker Just kidding. I was not happy and needed to get out of that relationship Jerry helped me do that. So here I am 24 years old no money, no place to live and no job. What was the logical thing to do you ask? Why move in with the cowboy of course. But he had no place to live either WTF! So we stayed with friends until we both got jobs and found a one room apartment to move into. It was so small but enough for us. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that one room. Much simpler times.

Love my ring!

We were 2 kids in love with the whole world to explore. We slowly acquired stuff and began to make a home. By September, after asking my mother for permission (such a gentleman), he was down on one knee with a small tear in his eye asking for my hand in marriage.  I was bursting with joy. Nobody made me feel that way he did. I was special and wanted. Of course I said yes and 8 months later we were married.

By the time the wedding came I was kind of over it. I was 25 years old and ready to be married. I planned everything out and to save money did the favors and food myself with the help of a few family members. Why spend thousands of dollars for one day? We were already living together and had bills to pay. We spent under $1500 for our wedding and wouldn’t have had it any other way.



We have had our ups and downs. Good times and bad. We do not have a fairy tale relationship like people portray on facebook. We disagree more then agree. We are married and will be until death due us part (some days it’s more of a goal not a vow lol). He is very handy  and can fix anything. He is also great at anything car related. He will  jump in front of a car for anyone. We love and take care of each other. We will hold hands and continue this journey called life. We will be there for each other no matter what.


Now I am not a very lovey dovey person. A psychologist would probably say I wasn’t loved enough as a child or something. I am a fighter not a lover. I will fight until the end to protect the people I love. I don’t hug or kiss enough but I will cook you dinner or give you the shirt off of my back. It is who I am. Only God can judge me.


Jerry I hope you know that I love you with every inch of my being. I will fight until the end to protect you and give you all that I have. You have given me so much. We have Matthew and will be welcoming a new addition in November. You are a great dad and husband. Under all the jokes and goofing around you are a generous and loving person. I am lucky to have you.


So here is to us. We had been knocked down but have always gotten back up together. Thank you for these 11 years and I look forward to the next 40 or 50 if you live that long.

Love always…….  Your beautiful

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