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Hide and Seek

Tim is at it again 🙂

I love my lady, hands down, and I would do anything for her. With her these past many months have been a blast… A blur, but non-the-less a blast. With that said, I’m sitting on my throne with my laptop hiding from her little Tornado, and Hurricane.

Soap drips from the ceiling, and wadded up wet poo paper sticks to the walls. A treasure trove of toys line the basin of the bathtub.

Question: Who invented lego’s, and where can I find this spawn of satan?

Oh, I jest. I’ve digressed enough. The reason for this litany as about…

Knock, knock, knock. “How much longer? I gotta go?”

“Gimme two more minutes, Jeez!”

So now the Hurricane is sitting on my lap, asking me why am I hitting all those keys?

Bark, bark, bark…

“Oh for the love of Pete.”

After I pick the laptop back up off the floor, going over it to make sure it still works, and nothing’s broken, I’m graced with a window washing by our little mutt.

Need I remind all of you dear readers, I’m still in the middle of my morning constitutional? And that I love my lady very much?

“Would you please go play with your brother and close the door behind…”

“Why are you in the bathroom with your laptop? And why does he get to be in here? I want to come in too?”

(Rubbing temples.) “1,2,3,4,5…”

“Why are you counting?”


“Why is your face so red?”

I once upon a time had a difficult time using public bathrooms, and now I look forward to going to work, just so I can bolt the door closed, and wad some poo paper of my own up and put them in my ears. All I want for Christmas is my own bathroom.

– Tim

Tim Schwartz is always pursuing the next challenge in life. Anything from writing the next short story to trying to keep up with a 6 year old’s attention span. He has also been the Organizer and Moderator of the Pittsburgh Writers Meetup Group for the past four years.

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