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I am a Mom so I know more than you!

I swear the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Wait, scratch that. WE ARE IN HELL ALREADY!

All this bickering back and forth over Vaccinations. It is sickening. Grown ass people fighting over something they truly know nothing about. Before you get your panties in a bunch…. let me explain.

Vaccines are a crapshoot. No one knows for sure if they are going to work or if you are going to have a reaction. Scientists make an educated guess. That’s it, a GUESS. Take this years flu vaccine for example. Don’t quote me but the effectiveness was something like 20%. 20 PERCENT for one of the biggest killers every year. Worldwide, the flu causes an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 deaths every year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Lets talk about Measles…… GASP! Yes I am going there. Check out what the CDC has to say on the subject.

Q: Could I still get measles if I am fully vaccinated?

A: Very few people—about three out of 100—who get two doses of measles vaccine will still get measles if exposed to the virus. Experts aren’t sure why; it could be that their immune systems didn’t respond as well as they should have to the vaccine….. If you don’t believe me see for yourself. http://www.cdc.gov/measles/about/faqs.html

See…… it’s a crapshoot! But I did not write this article to fight about if vaccines work or not. I wrote this to bring to your attention the real issue.

Pro-vax parents love their children. They worry and want to protect them from everything.

Anti-vax parents love their children. They worry and want to protect them from everything.

Hot damn! Both sides want the same thing. One is NOT BETTER THAN THE OTHER!!!!

When I had my son I was scared shitless. You are filled with so many emotions and fears. From the minute, they enter the world they are exposed to germs. It is very overwhelming. The last thing you want to do is pump chemicals into their little bodies. Yet at only hours old they are given the Hepatitis B vaccine. Why? I decided, right then that I really need to research and make an informed decision. So, I read articles, talked to friends and family and consulted our pediatrician. It is frightening what is actually in the shots. After careful review, my husband and I decided to vaccinate. It was not an easy decision. I actually cried but I knew that we made a good decision for my family. Did you hear that? I made a good decision for OUR FAMILY! That is what every parent is trying to do. Not go against the “norm” just because. Or do opposite what others are doing. Some parents choose to space them out. Instead of 3 shots they go back each week to get one.

Here is what a few parents had to say about why they do or don’t vaccinate:

Anonymous – I had a reaction to the pneumococcal vaccine a few months before I got pregnant. I had a high fever and fainting spells. I could barely crawl down the stairs to call the doctor on call, who said I was having an allergic reaction. He told me to take Benadryl. The next day I had a golf ball sized hard lump on my arm that didn’t go away for three weeks, despite 3 courses of antibiotics and finally steroids. The doctors said they had never seen anything like it. They didn’t report it to VAERS. They hadn’t heard of VAERS. They referred me to an allergist–but they didn’t do allergy testing on pregnant women. The doctors knew I was allergic to latex, but they couldn’t confirm whether the syringe they used had any latex in the stopper or not.

Julie Bray – We don’t vax our 4.5yo daughter. We did the first round, on schedule. She screamed for 4 hours and then collapsed in exhaustion. Pedi said it was “normal.” Days before I had clipped her finger in her carseat and she cried in pain for 5-10 minutes. The cry after her vax was not a cry of pain. It was awful. I did hours and hours of research – but won’t vax her until I know what happened. Coincidentally, my husband has bad reactions to vaccinations. He was military and the last round he got he was exhausted and lethargic for weeks. He had headaches and memory issues. My current Dr. suspects that I have the MTHFR gene mutation, and I in turn suspect that both my husband and daughter have it. There is some thought that the gene mutation is a “reason” for bad vax reactions, but studies need to be done. In short, I think vax are perfectly safe for most of the population. But studied need to be done to pinpoint why they are not safe for the people who have reactions. Until then, she will not be getting any. We live in a fairly risk free area. I don’t think whooping cough will ever be eradicated because the vax itself is only 80% effective at best, and I doubt measles will ever be eradicated because it’s common internationally. I wish I could vax her for things like polio – but am going to hold off on that until she is much older and can have input in the decision.

Dana – We did a lot of research when we got pregnant with my oldest (7). We met with pediatricians, family and naturalistic doctors. This was not a choice bc some Celebrity told us to. I had a guy instinct to research. What I found was alarming. The ingredients that we put into our children’s bodies is horrific. It’s not the antibodies that I’m against, trust me I want to believe in vaccines. If I could be worry free I would do them, unfortunately I just can’t be worry free either way. There are ingredients in these shots that include rat poison, acetone(nail polish remover) and peanut oil. Our kids can’t eat a peanut butter sandwich till 2 but we can shoot them up with it before they are even 6 months old? Seemed strange, especially with the raising rates of food allergies in kids. So after lots of research we decided not to do it. We were young and had a pediatrician that said she was ok with it, she mislead us. She gave us poor visits and was quite rude as if we were horrible People. It really bothered me because I’m a new parent I need a care giver I can trust! I was given the name of a Dr. In the south hills that was pro vaccine but was open and talked with parents who made different choices. He was my life saver! Not Only did my child have a great Dr. But he empowered me as a mom and acknowledged my researched decisions. Every year we have the same media based fear. Whooping cough, flu and now measles. I now have another child that is going to be 2 soon and the conversation never leaves our table. We have an open mind and will make decisions on what WE think is best for our family. We have another pediatrician that we see now as well and she has been amazing. My husband is doing more international travel and my oldest is in school so we have been talking shots with the oldest. My dr has offered to do a vaccine consult and make a plan if we choose to go down that road. I don’t think any parent can say with 100 percent certainty that they always know thee over answer but I do think we have the power to make informed decisions for our families.

Laura Hudson – Here are some of the reasons I have had: 1. Fear of an atypical reaction in my child due to a family history of atypical reaction to vaccines (my sister, my brother’s child: fever, swelling, actually pretty mild reactions, I understand now). 2. Support and discussions with my parents, who are both holistic medical practitioners, a DO and NP. They felt that the trend in vaccinations was escalating unnecessarily. 3. Support and discussion with an educated friend, who pointed me toward Sears’ Vaccine Book. 4. Skepticism toward the medical industry because… Well, no one wants thalidomide to happen again, and why should they get more of my money? (Vaccines aren’t nearly the money maker that other pharmaceuticals are) 5. My own contrariness was triggered by the peditrician’s office I had chosen informing me that they required all patients to follow the VAX schedule as written. So I went and found a more flexible doc, who I do love, despite the office being less ritzy than the first. 6. Hating the thought of holding my daughter down for painful shots. 7. Trying to be perfectly “all-natural” for everything (and failing, because… Real life does not make accommodating extreme thinking easy. Good enough is good enough.) 8. Am bad at scheduling, remembering, and keeping doctor appointments. (Shit, I need to do that AGAIN). Why I changed my mind: I’ve caught my daughter up on all VAX (though more are probably due now as it’s been a year). 1. The solid scientific studies are out there showing a need to safeguard public health, those who with a compromised immune system or too young to get vax need us to protect them. 2. Diseases are making a comeback because people aren’t vaxxing. People are going to die unnecessarily. I won’t be a part of that. 3. My educated friend, my medical parents, they have all shifted their stances after reading the research debunking the autism claims, and seeing the new study that shows a delayed or personalized schedule is worse than the standard schedule in terms of adverse reactions (no, I don’t have the link! Bad, busy momma)… 4. The anti-vax (pro-pox?) celebrities are selling something, too: whether it’s their cult of personality or miracle coconut oil, they want your eyeballs and your dollars, too. I’d be inclined (who doesn’t like the coziness of a “persecuted” in-group?), but their science is bad, and they should feel bad. 5. Science.

Megan M Veltman – I vaccinate. However, we decided that we won’t give our older two their Chicken pox booster and our third didn’t get it at all. I also decided not to give the baby his HEP A shot. More likely than not, there is no reason he should be exposed to that to mandate the vaccine. Yes, I remember the Chi Chi’s outbreak however many years ago that was. And after getting my first flu shot after my first was born six years ago, we decided never again with that one. So we are selective. I couldn’t imagine risking measles or whooping cough with my children, so we still vaccinate, but it’s my right to say no thank you. Or to know that if my child isn’t in great health at the well check when they should receive a vaccine, to say, “Not today. I’ll be back when the child is better

You can choose to agree or not with these women but you can not belittle them or call them names. Not here! Steel City Mom is a place for open discussion and different view points. If you want to be hostile go somewhere else. We believe that “when yinz know better yinz do better”. These women researched and came to their decision. They are not the devil.

My point is we all do what we think is best for our family. Love each other. Try to understand where your fellow mom is coming from.

– Carol

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