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I hate Dishes!! Part 2

Some of you may know I started blogging last year 4/29/13 to be exact. I used to use Blogger but found it to be too limited so after some soul searching and praying I decided to get my own web space. While going back over some of my old posts I found this gem. It made me Laugh Out Loud. I hope you enjoy it…………..


Well here it is… My first post! I am excited and scared shitless at the same time. I have been going over in my head all week about “what my first post should be about?” Maybe this or that, couponing, recipes, being a mom… Etc. it’s been a busy week of play dates, lunches, and shopping. I am spent!

I woke up today with a “just got beat up” kinda feeling. Figured I just relax and be a bum. Well, the laundry, raw meat that needs prepped (did my once a month shopping yesterday, which I will talk about later) and dirty floors had other ideas. So after trapping my 18 month old in the kitchen so I can vacuum, I look over and see this mound of dirty dishes. Wtf!

I used to not mind doing dishes and called people with dishwashers lazy. But since I had my son I despise them! I hate standing there and scrubbing each one, and then finding a place to let them dry that the little darling won’t be able to reach them. It is a pain in the ass! And since I hate them I let them sit for a few days which makes it worse. Soak, scrub, rinse, dry….. Over and over again. It’s like ground hog day (remember the movie?)

So to fix my problem I am on the hunt for a dishwasher. Hubby isn’t to happy but I do the damn dishes so suck it up. Any who, we have to get a portable one and they are almost double the regular ones. Again, Wtf! Thought about going to a “scratch and dent” place but they just pick up people’s old appliances and resale. So maybe Craigslist but again that could be a problem.

Here I am… No dishwasher and pissed off. Hopefully I will find a place that isn’t going to charge a fortune. Fingers crossed! Wish me luck? 🙂

Have an awesome day!

Oh my GOD! That was sign or something, because I was reading that post last week and lo and behold my dishwasher brakes. UGH!!! The little cuppler that connects to the faucet got worn down and wouldn’t stay on. SO of course we bought the warranty,  I called them up. Set up an appointment about 3 days later to get it fixed. Or so I thought.

The tech guy who is supposed to come between 8am-12pm calls me at 7:45am to tell me that he is at my door. Of course that is the day that my 2.5 year old decides to let me sleep in some. I jump up and run downstairs to open the door. My hair is a mess, jammies are mismatched and glasses are hanging off my nose. A great look I must say :-). He is polite, pleasant and chipper. He takes 5 minutes to look over the machine and says it is a easy fix and should have it done in under 20 minutes. I am relieved and while trying to put my hair down and fix my glasses I hear those dreaded words that a customer doesn’t want to ever hear. “Ah Oh! We have a problem.”

Seriously, I am half awake and in need of a serious breath mint. He then says, “I do not have the parts with me to fix this. I have to order them and come back.” Trying to stop my toddler from shaking the gate at the top of the stairs like the freaking Ultimate Warrior (remember him? I used to be a huge wrestling junkie) I say “How long will that take?” “Only 2-3 business days. I will schedule a return visit in 10 days, but don’t worry, as soon as you get the parts just call and get the date switched to a closer day.” He hands me a reciept and walks out the door.

About 4 days later I finally get the parts that he ordered, so I call the customer service number. The customer service rep tells me that the date that I have scheduled IS THE NEXT AVAILABLE DATE. UGH!!! Mind you it has been 2 weeks of no dishwasher at that point. Unable to really do anything I just except what I can not change and wait. After another 6 days, it is finally the day to get my dishwasher fixed. Oh Happy Day! I spent 2 hours washing dishes the night before (because I would rather use a new dish instead of washing a dirty one. some things never change) I get up early and am ready for this to be over with. Toddler is eating breakfast and watching cartoons. I am dressed and hair has been tamed. I begin to wait……… 8:10am………. 8:30am……… 8:45am I get a call that he is on his way………..9:00am……… finally he pulls up. I am at the door all excited. He comes in and gets to work. It takes him about 45 minutes. He then has to run a cycle through and wait to see if it holds. Another 20 minutes and he gives the all clear signal.

Wahoo! I have say I can’t believe how spoiled I got. I hate relying on machines to do things. But hey we paid over $700 for the damn thing might as well get our moneys worth.

Happy Wife is a Happy Life Right? 🙂

– Carol

Carol is a hard working Pittsburgh Born wife and mom who is happily married with one son. She is a blogger, foodie, crafter, and most important a giver. She loves to help others in any way she can.

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