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Lovely Weather We’re Having…

You know what really grinds my gears? Pittsburgh Weather…. Mother Nature, hello… bipolar much? I’m starting to get irritated that we don’t get the weather we are promised, and we never know if we can trust Doppler radar. Have you ever watched a live Doppler radar while a storm is going on? Its more fun than childbirth… the closer the storm gets, and the colors light up on the screen, the more excited you get… until the power goes off, and then its all just pure horror show.

But anyway, I didn’t water my garden last night because I was TOLD it was going to rain for the next 3 days. Here’s what really happened….

That’s right folks… I stood on a dry deck and watched as the storm approached town, not a drop on me. And I know all about the Murphy’s Laws of Pittsburgh… #2… if you water your garden, it will rain for 3 days. It falls between #3… if you wash your car, it will rain for 3 days, and #1… if you light a cigarette, your PAT Bus will arrive 3 minutes early.

So yeah. That’s what’s grinding my gears today. To water my garden, or not…

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