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My two cents on the gun debate

One of our Steel City Dads, Tim has a few things to say on the subject of gun control. He welcomes all comments. Well all those who are not Jagoffs…..

Assault weapons. Rifles. Shotguns. Handguns. Pistols. Revolvers. Guns. These nomenclatures have become buzz words for debates and arguments.

Today’s lobbyists and radicals call for outright bans on firearms, and this is a direct abrogation of the second amendment.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. -Amendment II

Citizens scream for more laws, expecting this to make them safer, because something must be done to stem the tide of such atrocities as Dallas Texas, Columbine Colorado, and so many more. But does giving away our rights as citizens of The United States of America, make us better? Make us safer? Is this a country where we want to live by giving away our rights, our voices, and our power to a government whom has abused said privilege for far too long? If you’d like to know how well that’ll work, just ask a Native American.

As a card carrying life member of the National Rifle Association, I personally own several firearms. One firearm in particular is called a Mosin Nagant. A Russian serviceman’s rifle, circa World War II. This old hunk of junk is my baby and I love it. Why? Mostly because I’m tired of the gun snobs who have seventeen thousand dollar gold plated shinny’s with a gazillion dollar fancy shmancy scope. I’ll put a 5 shot group in right next to theirs, and I didn’t have to put a second mortgage on the house either. Now as I look to modernize it, and having a “bull” barrel installed, and a better receiver, I must take this weapon to an FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder IE authorized dealer and have them do a federal background check on both myself and the weapon. Why? To verify I’m not a knucklehead and my baby is a good girl. To further explain why, each receiver has serial numbers, and if you change one of them, which is essentially “the gunniest part of the gun,” you have to update that info with the feds. Now folks it’s that simple. The laws are there.

Now don’t go getting all rage monster on me just yet. We do need to do something. That every single soul has said as such, so we can all agree to that. My argument since day one has been the simplest of all. We do not need more laws. We don’t need smarter laws. We need smarter people. We need education. We need to stop desensitizing ourselves watching bad Hollywood productions depicting scenes so beyond reality, that it’s humorous. We need to teach ourselves and the following generations proper firearms education, handling, storing, and cleaning practices. Even if you absolutely abhor firearms, at the very least educate yourselves and your loved ones on proper procedure. And the real kicker is, these education courses are readily available to the general public, and get this… free. I strongly urge and recommend everyone to sit through a firearms safety course. The fear mongering must end. As what we know nothing about, is replaced by fear. Ignorance is never an option, and I personally refuse to live in fear.

Complacency is the creation of the criminal element. Criminals will always be out there looking to do harm. Should we educate ourselves in firearms safety, and self defense, we the people stand a better chance than before, at coming home to our loved ones. Is this going to stop the random gang bang shooting, or late night liquor store stick up? No. Is there a probability this would escalate firearms violence? I would say about the same probability of me dying from a heart attack before I finish this article. Now am I trying to make a potential probability any less or more? No. In fact, arguing probability is for mathematicians, and has no place here.

I have two little boys whom I have spoken of before on this blog; Tornado and Hurricane. I get the boys on the firing line, every chance I get. Even though it’s archery, which I love by the way, and not high powered firearms, the practices and procedures are the same. Only one shooter on the firing line at a time. Zero goofing. When not in the firing line, you rest your weapon, and ammunition or in this case arrows. Stand behind the shooter at least 5 feet. Make no loud or sudden movements. And always know what’s behind the target, because every shot isn’t going to be a bulls eye. Or in the case of high powered firearms, bullets don’t stop when they hit a target. So what’s behind your target is just as important as what’s your target. And if you miss, is there any danger of you hurting anyone or thing? Even my five year old, Hurricane knows when Tornado is shooting, his bow is down, arrows on the grass, and if he touches one while back there he’s toast. Threaten brother and toast. Use the weapon other than which it’s intended and toast. Forget to put away and toast. A weapon is a big responsibility, bigger still for a five year old. But I stand behind my belief, education over regulation is the best approach. Stop trying to cut off your nose, to stop a sniffle. Stop treating symptoms. Cure ignorance.

Those who give up essential liberty, to purchase a temporary safety, deserve neither liberty, nor safety. -Benjamin Franklin.

– Timothy Schwartz

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