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Promote a Yinzer Series………… Samantha Old

Steel City Mom is proud to introduce our number 3 Yinzer in our Promote a Yinzer Series…. Samantha!

Samantha and her daughter Aubree Lynn

Please meet Samantha Old! Sam, as we call her, hails from North Pittsburgh and is a young, fit mom. She is 20 years old, married to her high school sweetheart, Chris (age 21), and together they have their first child, Aubree Lynn and a puppy named Zeus.

Sam believes that beauty comes from the inside out. When you take care of your body with exercise, good nutrition and supplement with the right vitamins, minerals and superfoods you have the potential to unlock a new, healthier self, which in turn means a happier life!

Sam, Chris and Aubree 2014

As well as a very satisfied customer… Sam is an independent representative for AdvoCare products. Check out her results on Facebook! Become an advocate for your well being!

Baby Weight? What Baby Weight?

To learn more about AdvoCare, you can visit her website by clicking here. Sam is actively recruiting consumers and potential team members to help spread the word that AdvoCare is Everywhere!


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