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Review: Judith the Balloon Artiste AKA Giggles the Clown

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Photo Credit: Balloon Twist Pittsburgh

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to sit down with a wonderful lady by the name of Judith. She is a gentle soul that just radiates happiness. A real angel on earth. Most people know her as Giggles the Clown. She has worked with such organizations as Citiparks Roving Art Cart, Gateway Clipper Fleet, Carnegie Museum and Kennywood Park just to name a few. She has been bringing smile for generations.

Photo Credit: Balloon Twist Pittsburgh

Here is what Judith had to say about her gift…

How did you get started?

  1. “Jude, I’m gonna teach you how to perform. I’m gonna teach you how to be a clown”.

Those were the words my father (Smokey the Fire Eater (former performer for Ringling Bros., Tom Nix Rodeo & Johnny Jones Peerless Exhibition: opening act for Alice Cooper & the Talking Heads.)) said to me as he applied greasepaint to my small face. I was dressing as a clown for my 1st Fall Fantasy parade at Kennywood Park in 1968. I was 7 and he was wise. My father inspired me to circus sawdust dreams, and he spoke vision & purpose into my life.  He inspired with such great passion, intense deliberatcy (it’s my own word) & a presumed assurance that, eventually, those inspirations would, without a doubt in his mind, produce a talent and confidence in his young performing offspring.

Photo Credit: Judith the Balloon Artiste

Have you always wanted to perform?

  1. I grew up performing. And only one year before that encounter with greasepaint, I had been introduced to the stage by my mother. “Dancing lessons.” Said the Doctor. “Get her dancing lessons”. Then there I was, a tapper, and ballerina and, well…all that jazz!

Performing in “Show Business” was definitely the road I would travel my entire life, for that was the course my parents set for me. I apprenticed as a clown with my father at Boy Scout & VFW Christmas Parties, more Kennywood Parades & even Hospital Charities. And occasionally my father would take me into a nightclub to perform with him on stage as he ate fire. I remember sitting across the table from him, and I was sipping a Shirley Temple through a straw and asking him, “So, when do I get my $5.00 for being here?”

Photo Credit: Judith the Balloon Artiste

What other stuff do you do besides clowning around?

  1. PHOBIA FREE ENTERTAINMENT = It’s the same “”Giggles the Clown Fun” but without the blue wig & traditional clown make-up. Oh, I can still come in costume & silly big shoes if you want me to OR I can twist awesome-on-the-spot-improvisation-inflation-creations & do FUN Face-painting just as me.

Photo Credit: Balloon Twist Pittsburgh

BALLOON TWIST PITTSBURGH = At BALLOON TWIST PITTSBURGH, my business is really “all about you”. I would love to talk to you about Your Special Event & see what I can do to make it the success you want it to be!

Photo Credit: Balloon Twist Pittsburgh

During this year, 2015, I ‘ll be CELEBRATING my 20th consecutive year in my own “Show Business” biz-ness, “Giggles the Clown”. I am truly blessed. I have the greatest job, no, CALLING, in the world. This is my CALLING, my PASSION and my ART. And to anyone who has invited me to share important moments & events in their life.

Photo Credit: Balloon Twist Pittsburgh

Anything else you want the readers to know?

  1. THANK YOU for letting me serve you!  I invite you to view my website. There is even a page with pictures of my father, SMOKEY the FIRE EATER and a page of my friends services.  I hope 2015 brings you great things & inspires you to… Experience the Fun!

Didn’t I tell you she was awesome? That is why I was so honored to have her come to my sons 4th birthday. Picture this… you are turning 4 and someone could make you a ninja turtle out of balloons. What would you think?  BEST PARENTS EVER!!!! What kid doesn’t like balloons? They are awesome! AND to have them done by a true gift from god…. makes it even more special. Thank you to Judith for making his day extra special. 3>

Photo Credit: Carol A. Gerner

Photo Credit: Carol A. Gerner

To book a party: judithballoonartiste@gmail.com For more information about Judith check out: http://balloontwistpittsburgh.com Follow her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gigglestheclown To find Giggles check out: http://www.gigglesclown.com/

Have a great day!

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