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Review: The Illusionists – Live from Broadway

Oh, oh, it’s magic! Wait, actually it’s not. It’s the art of deception and trickery. It’s The Illusionists, Live from Broadway!

Photo: Steel City Mom

The show begins with Jeff Hobson aka The Trickster. He’s a flamboyant flirt as an MC of sorts. He certainly is magical- especially his wardrobe!

Also in the line up are:

Andrew Basso an escapologist who will make your blood pressure rise.

Yu Ho-Jin who hails from South Korea. He’ll leave you scratching your head and asking ‘How’d he do that?’

Ben Blaque, a master of the cross bow. Or his he? He appeared to miss the mark last night.

James More, a handsome fellow who’s act is just as mysterious as he looks.

Kevin James, a burly guy in goggles who is able to make adults and kids alike smile.

Photo: Steel City Mom

And my personal favorite Dan Sperry. He reminds me a little bit like my school girl crush Marilyn Manson. Some of his acts will make you cringe. all of them will leave you dumbfounded. What this guy can do with Lifesavers, dental floss, doves and quarters is just downright crazy!

The show is fast paced (coming in at under 2 hours) and action packed. Dancers, EDM and beautiful lighting enhance the show for an evening of pure enchantment.

Thanks to The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust for the great seats!

– Nikki

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