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Terrible twos…… God Help Me!

Anyone that has a child knows about the “terrible twos”. If you don’t have a kid let me break it down for you.

1. EVERYTHING is a power struggle. 2. You are ALWAYS wrong.

That pretty much sums up your day, EVERY DAMN DAY!

Everything from trying to leave the house, picking up toys, putting shoes on, to just going for a walk has turned into this major power struggle. Whatever you want them to do is opposite what they want to do. I swear if I say “red” he will say “blue” just because.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my son and I wanted all the good and bad that come with having a child. But damn it, I catch myself saying those dreaded words my mom used to say…. “Because I said so” so often I swear she is in the room. OMG I AM TURNING INTO MY MOTHER!!!! Help!!

Where were we? Oh yeah, toddlers. This leads me to number 2. You are ALWAYS wrong. This is kind of attached to number 1 but is in itself its own rule. Example….

Me: “what do you want to eat?” Toddler: “umm maybe cookies I guess” Me: “how about blueberries?” Toddler: ” NO!!!!!” After 10 minutes of screaming and having a tantrum on the floor. Me: “fine you can have 1 cookie” Toddler: “no I want BLUEBERRIES mommy”

Shaking my damn head! I just felt another grey hair pop out of my scalp.

See no matter what you do it is wrong.

Every book I have read says that they are just voicing their independence and pushing limits. It is totally normal and it too shall pass.  I hope so! But then again I have heard that 3 is worse then 2.

God help me!

– Carol

Carol is a hard working Pittsburgh Born wife and mom who is happily married with one son. She is a blogger, foodie, crafter, and most important a giver. She loves to help others in any way she can.

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