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The Best of The Burghosphere award goes to…….

Steel City Mom is proud to team up with Most Wanted Fine Art, to take part in their annual “The Best of The Burghosphere”. Hard to believe that only 3 years in to this blogging thing and I am getting an award. I can not tell you how exciting this is. What’s even more exciting is I get to “give” an award to a fellow blogger. Sweetness!!!!!

What is “The Best of The Burghosphere”? It is an awards ceremony to honor the creative bloggers in the Pittsburgh’s blogosphere. Each blogger is assigned a fellow blog to study and put into a “category” which will be awarded this month at an event for the nominees. Make sense? So, to kick off November which is National Blogging Month I have been assigned Isn’t That Grad https://isntthatgrad.wordpress.com/.

Isn’t That Grad is authored by Aliyah Weinstein who is a grad student working towards a Ph.D. in immunology at the University of Pittsburgh. She is a native of New Jersey and moved here in August 2013. What makes her blog so special, is since she is not from Pittsburgh, she can look at our great city from a different perspective. She doesn’t know about the history or meanings behind the buildings, but she can still find the beauty. Isn’t That Grad has a vast variety of great articles. Aliyah also writes both scientific and non-scientific articles for other outlets. She LOVES Science and is not afraid to talk about it. I can defiantly see her curing a disease or saving the world of a deadly outbreak. Aliyah is awesome!

She is living off of a grad student stipend so that is why I have chosen to bestow on her the award for……. DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!

“Most likely to discover a cure before paying off student loans”.

To read all about this fun event and to see what award your favorite blog has been nominated for click here http://mostwantedfineart.com/2014-events-at-mwfa/best-of-the-burghosphere-2015/.

Happy National Blogging Month! 🙂

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