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Why I take my son to the food bank with me.

Disclaimer: This is my life and experiences. It is my journey and I share it with you to start a discussion about life. So all you nasty people who hide behind a computer keep you negativity to yourself. Love each other don’t tear each other down.

My Granny Cart

Life sucks big time sometimes. One minute you can be at the top and the next at the bottom. You think that life is good then BAM something happens and your whole world comes crashing down. This was me last August when my husband got hurt at work.

I was a SAHM with my then 2 year old son. Hubby was making decent money and all was right in our little world. I guess we got too comfortable so God felt we needed a jolt. After months of no income and bills piling up we started going to the food bank again. Now don’t get me wrong I was raised poor, and have been to the food banks before. But this time it was different. I was different. My ego had made me believe I was somehow better than that. How could I take my son to a place to beg for food? How is that taking care of him? Am I teaching him to be lazy and ask for a hand out? All these things were swirling in my head.

My little helper

One day while visiting the food bank, a volunteer reached over a table and handed my son a pack of fruit snacks. At that moment I realized asking for help does not make you weak. Asking for help makes you brave. Receiving is ok every once in a while. My son was so happy and excited. The smile on his face just melted my heart. He thanked the lady then handed me the pack to open. He did not care what people thought. He wasn’t ashamed or upset. My little boy was appreciative. He learned that there are good people out there that will help you. He learned….. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” – Matthew 7:7

Produce to People Northside distribution site

There are so many wonderful programs available to help. Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is a good place to start

As always you can check out our Resource tab to get more information about great programs. http://steelcitymom.com/resources/

Being a Mom is full of blessings and struggles. Teaching a child to be thankful is one of the most important skills you can do. While I want to give him the world, I also want to teach him to help others. That my friends is “Why I take my son to the food bank with me……….”

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