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Xfinity xFi Downtime Scheduler

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. Although I received some form of compensation and this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. This post is brought to you by Comcast.

With the holiday season in full effect, we need all the help we can get. From in-laws visiting to kids being off of school, it is a lot to handle. So you give the kids a tablet or computer to keep them occupied while you tackle the to-do list. No judgement at all, I am right there with you. But soon after the guilt sets in. Am I creating robots or frying their brain with electronics? Damn you pediatrician for your making me feel guilty for a few minutes of peace! Now what? DO you have the battle to get the tablet off of the little monsters? And endure the never ending crying or persistent asking for just One. More Minute.? Luckily, Comcast is here to help you.

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JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, COMCAST LAUNCHES NEW WIFI SCHEDULING TOOL TO HELP PARENTS MANAGE CHILDREN’S SCREEN TIME. Comcast announced a new Xfinity xFi scheduling tool that gives parents more control over their kids’ screen time this holiday season.  This scheduling feature builds upon xFi’s popular “bedtime mode” and was created as a result of customer demand to better manage screen time.  Parents can now set up 30 different screen time schedules per profile, so all the devices a child uses – including tablets, smartphones or gaming consoles – can be paused during family holiday activities, or daily routines like homework, instrument practice, family game night, and more. Take that pediatrician! Now you can get stuff done and keep the kids entertained without the guilt.

The children’s advocacy organization Common Sense found that 69 percent of kids have a smartphone by age 12 and the number of tweens and teens watching videos online every day has more than doubled since 2015 – creating more digital distractions this holiday season.  With this feature, parents will have the flexibility to schedule specific time for screen time to empower parents with more tools during the holidays.  Using the Xfinity xFi app, parents can also instantly pause WiFi access for all or just a few connected devices, set up a specific time allowance for WiFi usage, easily on board new devices gifted during the holidays, and set up parental controls on the content their kids are viewing online.

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Xfinity xFi can be accessed via the xFi mobile app (iOS and Android), website, or on the TV with the X1 voice remote.  The service is available at no extra cost to the more than 17 million Xfinity Internet customers who lease a compatible Xfinity gateway. I love me some free stuff.

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With xFi, customers can:

  1. View and modify

  2. WiFi names and passwords

  3. Set WiFi parental controls, time limits and bedtime schedules

  4. Pause internet access for one or more devices

  5. Set safe browsing modes for kid appropriate content

  6. Add xFi Advanced Security to help protect connected devices

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To set up this feature, customers simply need to:

  1. Open the xFi app on their Android or iOS device, or go to the xFi digital dashboard online.

  2. Go to the individual child’s profile.

  3. Click “Create a Downtime Schedule”.

  4. Choose an icon like bedtime, homework, or dinner, to help identify their schedule.

  5. Select the days of the week and the start and end time for scheduled offline time.

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So easy even we can do it while in our exhausted state. SO grab your cell phone, a beverage and get to it. But be careful what you chose for a password. You don’t want to have to yell out “kids_leave_me_the_hell_alone” to your significant other while passing the eggnog.

God Bless -Carol

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